Westfield House School is a specialist school for day school students. The school aims to provide an exceptional standard of education for children with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD).  Our Terrington St. Clement School is specifically tailored for mixed gender.

The majority of our students are considered to experience Communication and Interaction Difficulties, as well as Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties. Many are considered to be socially and/or emotionally vulnerable.

The school is founded upon principles of tolerance, understanding and respect.  The school aims to enable our students to develop a new sense of enjoyment and success in learning, which will provide them with the means to learn, grow and achieve!

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A safe environment

A safe environment

Targeted support

Targeted support

belief they can succeed

belief they can succeed

Tolerance, respect

Tolerance, respect

the westfield house approach

  • 01 learn

    We believe what we learn becomes part of who we are

  • 02 develop

    A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new

  • 03 behaviour

    People don’t change their behaviour unless it makes a difference for them to do so

  • 04 RE-engage

    If you engage people honestly, and are willing to do the hard work then people will respond to that


Allotment Update

Hello The vocational term began with a welcome to our four need residents Alpha, Gertrude, Boris and Doris, our pygmy goats arriving eventually after a year of promises. The students have been regularly tempting them with willow and they have quickly settled and tamed (the goats not the students). The chickens are still producing eggs […]

T 5 maths lesson Update

Over the past few weeks the T5 Maths group have been busily working on Initial and Diagnostic assessment activities. They have been working independently to complete their BKSB Functional Skills Initial assessments, which have produced some very positive results. Once completing these activities the student’s progress to their Diagnostic assessments at the appropriate level and […]