Allotment Update

The vocational term began with a welcome to our four need residents Alpha, Gertrude, Boris and Doris, our pygmy goats arriving eventually after a year of promises. The students have been regularly tempting them with willow and they have quickly settled and tamed (the goats not the students). The chickens are still producing eggs a plenty and we may have more interesting developments and arrivals after the half term.

Production on the allotment has been a struggle this year as announced nationally due to the extreme dry summer spell however it has produced a bumper grape harvest (hic).
Practical work has continued on the site and not only have the students got the grass area cut and kept in good condition they have also made headway on clearing around the pond so that we can get it grassed and easier to keep. At the end of the summer term the camping night saw students show an interest in fishing and we are working at introducing areas that are suited for this activity as well as introducing more fish to the water.

The theory work is proceeding well and students are compiling extended portfolios with the elder students looking forward to beginning with their tractor driving lessons.