T 5 maths lesson Update

Over the past few weeks the T5 Maths group have been busily working on Initial and Diagnostic assessment activities.

They have been working independently to complete their BKSB Functional Skills Initial assessments, which have produced some very positive results. Once completing these activities the student’s progress to their Diagnostic assessments at the appropriate level and the results from this help each of them to develop an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). The ILP is then used to tailor his or her Maths lessons according to their individual needs.

This year for the first time T5 students will have the chance to sit GCSE Maths exams and with this in mind they have been working through various GCSE assessment tasks. Again the reason for the assessments are to give them and us an overview of the skills and knowledge they possess at the start of their course. We can then develop an IPL and design a program that best suits their needs.
All of this work is very important as it helps us to help the students understand their individual needs. We can then work with them to set goals and targets which will hopefully lead to high mark in exams at the end of the year.

All in all T5 have worked hard in their Maths lessons so far and this has meant that when we return after the half term break we will all have a clear idea of where we are going and what we need to focus on. As we work through various independent and group study activities and the student gain mastery of the skills they are gaining then they can then start to cross thing off of their ILP’s and can then see evidence of what they have learnt and how far they have come.