At the beginning of the new school term in September, we decided to offer wood work as an afternoon optional activity, and four students chose this.
It was decided to give them the opportunity to learn how to use, under supervision, various hand tools. These were used to measure, mark straight lines and various angles. Once drawn onto pieces of wood they were shown how to use a hand saw safely to cut the timber.
We then moved to designing a simple piece of work such as bird boxes, feeders and signs for the school allotment. The students were asked to draw their own designs and decide on what size they would like them to be. Once this had been done they were helped to cut the timber to required sizes and shapes so that they could build their designs.
When all the cutting had been done, the students were shown how to construct their designs by using glue, pins, screws or a combination of all three.
Below, you can see the completed designs which are brilliant………….well done all those involved.
Our next project is to look at renovation an old garden shed in order to use it at our school allotment…..so watch this space!