Humanities Update


Over the Autumn 1 half term, T1 have been learning about the Stone Age and have been identifying what it was like to live in Britain in the past, long before the invention of computers, make-up and chicken nuggets. (Surprisingly, no one fancied a trip back in time!) Learners explored the Ice Age and how it affected people living in Britain, everyone agreed moving to Europe back then was better than turning into a snowman! We ended the unit looking at the Orkney Settlement of Skara Brae and finding out about community life in Stone Age Britain.

Geography & History 

The Autumn term saw the introduction of two new qualifications at Westfield House School. Learners will now be studying History and Geography starting at Entry Level with the possibility of moving on to GCSE. All learners have made a good start to both subjects and appear to have enjoyed learning about the past and the world we live in.


Learners are currently studying a unit called People’s Health, covering life, epidemics, living conditions and health initiatives from 1250 to present day. So far, we have tackled 1250-1500, looking at the time of the Black Death and wondering why anyone would go to their barbers for medical advice! T2 were particularly disgusted during a lesson on Medieval toilets and did not appear keen on VERY public toilet facilities! I’m sure they won’t complain about the school toilets ever again! Next half term, we will be investigating life from 1500-1750 and looking at improvements in public health.


Learners have been looking at King’s Lynn this half term, identifying how the place has changed over time and exploring the local landmarks and hidden treasures of the area. We also completed a population study of the UK, analysing how many people have moved here from different countries based on 2017 statistics and figures. We ended the half term exploring life in big cities, focussing on London, and identifying the different needs and wants of teenagers – which was harder to list than everyone first thought! We decided overall that most teenagers want money and probably need more sleep! Next half term, we will continue our case study of a major UK city and will make a comparison to a megacity in another part of the world.