School Intro

Welcome to Westfield House School website.

We hope that this site gives you an insight into the range of opportunities and experiences we offer and our ethos of care, enjoyment and achievement and of the high expectations we set for pupil achievement and pastoral care. We are determined that our children enjoy being in school and leave well prepared for the rest of their journey and with plenty of happy memories to look back on.

The staff & Governors are immensely proud of this school, of the achievements of our children, of our supportive parents, and the dedication and talent of our staff team.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will do all we can to help.

Jo Murray


Our Ethos
We set high standards at school and at all times we treat our students as individuals and do what is best for them. From the outside they may look like explosive young people; on the inside they need constant and consistent support.

The staff team at Westfield House school give them just that by showing them how to build healthy relationships.

We believe in personalising the learning for each individual allowing us to acknowledge their skills and qualities and expand on them.

We believe in positive role modelling and by observing the good practice around them, the young people will gradually develop the academic and personal skills, and confidence, that will enable them to progress.

Our Students
Our children show many traits within their behaviour they may be aggressive and volatile, or withdrawn and silent. Sometimes they’re both. We believe in creating a place of safety and trust to allow their future to differ from their past.

Supporting these young people can be tough but it gives us great pleasure to see them make any form of progress and start to achieve.

We as a school are innovative and struggle to sum up our approach in words. We are always looking for new ways to stimulate and engage our students. We consistently model appropriate behaviour, and each member of staff does it in their own way.

Some of us are loud, some of us are quiet, we’re a varied team with different skills, and we’re all here because we have something to contribute and we care.

Ofsted Report
Why not take a look at our latest Ofsted Report HERE


Information Communication and Technology

This term in ICT we are working on programming different devices. We started this week with Kenny the Bee Bot, the students learnt how to programme the Bee Bot to write the first letter of their first name on the floor, some students used sequence cards to help, where as some students were able to […]


At the beginning of the new school term in September, we decided to offer wood work as an afternoon optional activity, and four students chose this. It was decided to give them the opportunity to learn how to use, under supervision, various hand tools. These were used to measure, mark straight lines and various angles. […]

Remembrance at Westfield House School

On Friday the children and staff joined together for 2 minutes silence to remember those who lost their lives in the world war. The children decorated the community room with wall displays sharing information from this era. They made 100 poppies out of old plastic bottles and these were planted around the school grounds.   […]