If a complaint arises, we will aim to:

  • Encourage the resolution of problems by informal means wherever possible;
  • Provide a transparent and informative service to all students, parents/carers and local residents;
  • Ensure that concerns are dealt with quickly, fully and fairly and within clearly defined time limits;
  • Provide effective responses and appropriate redress;
  • Promote and maintain good working relationships between all people involved with the school and the school community.

Who can complain?
Our complaints procedure may be used by anyone who has a concern or complaint about any aspect of the school.

In the main this will mean the parents/carers of the school’s students, but may include neighbours of the School, or any other members of the local community.

Anyone who wishes to make a complaint is entitled to be accompanied by an advocate or supportive individual. A complainant may be accompanied at any appropriate stage of the procedures outlined in this policy.

Any exceptions?
Issues related to child protection, criminal investigations and employee grievances must also all be handled separately.

Our complaints procedure is distinct from formal staff disciplinary proceedings and this should be made clear to all concerned. There may be occasions where a complaint gives rise to disciplinary procedures, which put the complaints process on hold. If and when this occurs, the complainant should be informed.

Any non-­‐disciplinary aspects of the complaint should continue to be dealt with through the usual complaints procedures.

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