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Christmas Dinner invitation winners

We held a Christmas lunch and invited some professionals that we have worked with during the year. We held a competition to design the invitation and the entries were of an exceptionally high standard   I struggled to choose a winner so in the end I settled on 2 winners….   Well Done to Madie […]

Artist found at Westfield House School

We pride ourselves in nurturing the individual skills of all of our pupils  – we have identified that one of our pupils has an amazing talent for Art – I am sure you will agree


The year 11’s organised a bingo night to help raise funds for their much anticipated trip to Poland next year The attendance was amazing and they raised over £100 – the school governors also then offered to double it as a reward for their efforts      

The Hoodies arrived

The pupils in the school council had identified that they would like to wear hoodies at school. After they presented a very good case, I agreed.  

England won with 7 goals !!!!!!!

4 of our pupils were lucky enough to go and watch England on 14th November play, or rather beat Montengro 7 – 0 They were very well behaved and they joined in the spirit and could be heard chanting – ‘one more goal’  

World Food day

The pupils at Westfield were able to travel around the world trying new foods and discussing different expriences – they even went to into space…… where they ate freeze dried fruit and ice cream! When they entered room 2 they were faced with John in his German costume where they learnt a German dance Everyone […]

New Arrivals

Welcome back …..   As some of you may have been aware, our school goats were unfortunately stolen over the summer holidays.   We have since been inundated with kind offers from members of the local community to reimburse us…. and not just with goats!!!   These are pictures of some of our new pets….. […]

Animal Encounter

Today, 5th of July, was cross curriculum day at Westfield House School The pupils spent time doing the following: Animal Olympics Animal encounters Animal Creations We were joined by ‘ Animal Encounters’ and spent time with some amazing animals including a python, a skunk and even a tarantula!!! In the afternoon all of the children […]

Maths in the kitchen

T1 have been working to develop their maths skills within the school kitchen They have been  looking for different weights of ingredients in the kitchen. They used the weight measurements knowledge that they have been developing  to identify whether the ingredients  were lighter or heavier than 1kg


Can we all spend time to think of the pupils that we have at Westfield that are sitting their GCSE’s They are working hard and have all of our support and the rest of the school are enjoying the morning trips – we need to guarantee a quiet school!!!

Lavender Fields

The younger girls spent a sunny afternoon together at Heacham Lavender – they had a lovely time and were a joy to be with.

Joyous June

The well-being charity, Action for Happiness, have published their latest Action Calendar which you can find here: