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Skiing !!!

Throughout the Autumn Term, students have been working towards attending an end of term trip. The successful students were given a variety of the trips available. Skiing was one of the choices and 3 students chose to go skiing with 2 very excited staff; Asa and Mel. The comments we received from the instructors were great! […]


English this term is focusing on reading and comprehension. Some students have been reading Michael Morpurgo’s Butterfly Lion using dictionaries to find the definition of unfamiliar words and transferring these to their spelling books to learn as homework. All students are encouraged to discuss unfamiliar words and share their definitions with class once found. They […]

Kitchen Chemistry

Who says lessons need to be in a classroom !!!! The whole school participated in ‘Kitchen Chemistry’ last week. These sessions were under the guidance of Shaun and Asa and covered a variety of experiments The pupils were looking at: Salt vs Sugar Acid and Alkaline Distillation • ‘The floating egg’ – The effects of […]


Upcycling is becoming a very popular choice for students and staff alike  The pictures show Shona, better known as the polite and friendly voice at the end of the school phone or the person who is behind the ‘’ email address The art of wood burning is actually called Pyrography – I now know Shaun […]

Humanities Update

Humanities Over the Autumn 1 half term, T1 have been learning about the Stone Age and have been identifying what it was like to live in Britain in the past, long before the invention of computers, make-up and chicken nuggets. (Surprisingly, no one fancied a trip back in time!) Learners explored the Ice Age and […]

Science – Physics

Science: Physics Autumn Term 2 We have been doing Physics: Light focusing on Key Stage 2, 3 and entering Key Stage 4 National Curriculum topics such as: Key Stage: 2 • The similarities and differences between light waves and waves in matter. • Recognise that they need light in order to see things and that […]

Information Communication and Technology

This term in ICT we are working on programming different devices. We started this week with Kenny the Bee Bot, the students learnt how to programme the Bee Bot to write the first letter of their first name on the floor, some students used sequence cards to help, where as some students were able to […]


At the beginning of the new school term in September, we decided to offer wood work as an afternoon optional activity, and four students chose this. It was decided to give them the opportunity to learn how to use, under supervision, various hand tools. These were used to measure, mark straight lines and various angles. […]

Remembrance at Westfield House School

On Friday the children and staff joined together for 2 minutes silence to remember those who lost their lives in the world war. The children decorated the community room with wall displays sharing information from this era. They made 100 poppies out of old plastic bottles and these were planted around the school grounds.   […]

English Update

ENGLISH UPDATE This half term in English we have focused on Speaking and listening to improve the confidence of all students to speak in front of each other. This has taken the form of many different activities ranging from simple games like Headbandz – trying to guess what picture you have been given by asking […]


Bounce On a Wednesday and Thursday this Autumn Term, the children have been visiting Bounce in Peterborough. Here they can participate in all types of games including: Gladiator pits Dodgeball Tumble tracks By joining in with these activities they can learn new moves and improve their confidence and of course have fun and burn off […]

Maths Update

T1 and T2 In Autumn 1, students in T1 and T2 have been following a combined Functional Skills and Key Stage 3 curriculum. The topics that have been covered are examining and using a variety of tables and pictograms, finding the mode, modal class, median, range and mean from a set of data. Students have […]