We place high priority on the core skills of Literacy, Numeracy, Computing, Personal and Social Development, as well as a broad exposure to stimulating spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences.

The school promotes full access to the National Curriculum, but this is suitably adapted to the individual needs of each and every student. Westfield House School is currently registered for up to 32 children in secondary phase education.  All students at Westfield House School will have full access to the National Curriculum,which will be modified to take account of identified learning needs in a creative and engaging way.

The National Curriculum will be further differentiated to take account of particular needs, pace of working and style of learning. Any such adjustments will be made in keeping with the aims and objectives of Statements of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).

We believe in open and transparent working practice and will keep parents and carers, as well as placing authorities, fully aware of the provision offered to individual students. Teaching and learning at Westfield House School is developed in a creative and flexible way, which is planned with a thematic emphasis and cross curricular referencing. Each student will be provided with the means to be sufficiently equipped to make informed and realistic decisions at each stage in their development, which will actively contribute to enhancing progression and improving attainment.

In delivering our broad and balanced curriculum effectively, we understand that our students need:

  • A safe environment;
  • Tolerance, trust, respect and understanding; An engaging and stimulating bespoke curriculum that is entirely geared towards meeting their individual needs;
  • A structured environment that factors in the need for flexibility;
  • Targeted pastoral support to counter negative behaviours in the classroom and throughout the day;
  • Therapeutic input that informs a whole school approach to managing complex behavioural and emotional needs;
  • A sense of being a valued member of our school community
  • A belief that they can succeed in an ever changing world with new challenges and exciting opportunities.

Our students have failed to engage with the standard curriculum delivered by mainstream schools. Our broad and balanced curriculum is designed to meet their complex needs, by engaging them in academic learning and developing their life skills. We are an inclusive school and all our teaching focuses on providing intensive support for students, as individuals, who have individual strengths and weaknesses. We offer a range of qualifications that gives every one of them the opportunity to attain. One-to-one support is provided when appropriate and we are always flexible. We also try to have fun.

Qualifications and Certifications
AQA – Some of our pupils find engaging in a full education programme challenging. To continue to offer recognition and ensure that we have a recognised way of recording achievement we use the AQA unit award scheme.
This allows recognition for any work that has been completed, however small and allows for pupils to receive certification at the end of their endeavours. AQA Unit Awards. Next Steps offer a range of resources that can be employed to compliment and enhance the experience of learning at Westfield House School.

Functional skills – Students can achieve Functional skills Level 1 and 2 in English, ICT and Maths
Entry level qualifications level 1-3 are available in Maths and English and ICT
Pre Entry qualifications are available in Maths and English and ICT

Additional qualifications we are currently working towards:


This list is not exhaustive as we believe in personalising the learning for each individual. Therefore, the qualifications delivered will be reflective towards each young person, allowing us to acknowledge their skills and qualities and expand on them.