Vocational Activities

At Westfield house school we believe that learning should not be limited to a classroom and pride ourselves in the enrichment and vocational activities that we offer. The selection of vocational activities is designed with the pupils and we try to ensure that we offer learning that is personalised for all.

At Westfield House School we also love to Recycle as it allows us all to be creative and have fun allowing students to be free with our ideas and to create useful household items and practical gifts on a budget. Upcycling is a great way to reuse materials and reduce our footprint not just at Westfield House School but for the community and Planet. It’s a project that teaches the students an alternative form of recycling and to be creative at the same time.

In addition we also get the students involved in  additional activities, such as;

Media Make Up
We offer a media make up lesson once a week as part of our afternoon activities. During these lessons the learners engage in different techniques to create different styles of body modification.

Food Technology
The young people engage in a cooking lesson as part of our options. The young people create different dishes to help support their transition into being able to support themselves. We try to create a wide variety to ensure new and old skills are always learnt and developed.

PE – On a Wednesday we have been participating in different sports.
So far we have tried golf, badminton, dodgeball and squash with all students attempting to take part in each activity. The students have shown a great ability to learn new skills and willing to try new things.

We have been offered the services of a local Gym in the Kings Lynn area for one afternoon a week. The students choose this as one of their options and in the first instance the trainer ascertains the strengths and weaknesses of the individual and formats a programme they are to follow for subsequent visits.

Vocational Studies
This is offered as an afternoon option, and also students are registered to do an NCFE Level 1 qualification. The practical work is completed offsite where the school has a large area to maintain. The site has an allotment, chickens, goats, bees, a fishing lake and pasture that is kept tidy by the students. The fruit and veg that is produced is then sold to staff and these finances have enabled previous students to experience a trip abroad to visit historical sites in France and Belgium.

Sensory Garden Project
Learners have been working on designing and creating a Sensory Garden at Westfield House School. They have chosen an empty piece of land on the school grounds and are working towards developing it into a garden for all learners to use and access.

Animal Care
Students are working towards gaining a qualification in Animal Studies. Learners investigate different animals and their habitats. Participate in visits to animal sanctuaries, farms and rescue centres where they can get hands on with a variety of animals and learn about their needs and understand how to care for different types of animals.

Swimming – St James’ Swimming Pool
As part of our physical education programme, we offer swimming to our students one afternoon per week. Staff support the students in the pool and support students that aren’t comfortable or confident within the water, to build their self-esteem and self-confidence with swimming. The staff measure the distance that students can swim with the addition of diving.

Trampolining – Trampolining, Bounce, Peterborough
In our Physical Education scheme, we offer trampolining at Bounce, Peterborough. During these session students with a range of abilities have the opportunity to learn from other students and staff to build their confidence with bouncing and accuracy on the trampolines.
Students can participate in a range of activities on the trampolines; dodge ball, slam dunk, airbag jump, touch walls, tumble tracks and gladiator pits. These sessions can improve students’ confidence, physical health, social interaction and learning from peers.

Rock Climbing
As part of this half terms afternoon options we are offering rock climbing. The students will have an opportunity to both learn and develop their skills and capabilities within climbing itself whilst also improving basic skills such as hand eye coordination and communication in the process.